Advantages of an electronic vignette

Advantages of an electronic highway vignette

Thanks to the introduction of electronic vignettes, the state budget will save a considerable amount. Annual costs of printing, distribution and possible disposal of unsold paper vignettes will be eliminated. You can read below about the benefits of electronic vignettes for drivers.

Buying a motorway vignette has never been so easy

You no longer need to patiently drive around gas stations or other retail outlets to check if they have motorway vignettes for sale. Now you can arrange everything in a simple and convenient way - in the online store. &Nbsp;

End of sticking and scratching off paper vignettes

No more old stickers and voucher storage. With just a few clicks, you're ready to go. Based on the car's registration number, the new system will automatically recognize whether you have paid the toll and for how long. The impractical sticking of old motorway vignettes, which often left glue residues on the windshield, is omitted. You won't even know about the existence of a new electronic vignette.

You can buy an electronic vignette up to three months before the validity period starts

If you like to get things done on time, you will surely enjoy the fact that you can buy any electronic vignette even three months in advance. Thanks to the possibility of deferring the beginning of the period of validity when purchasing, you can choose the date from which the vignette is to be valid.

A broken windshield will no longer indicate a vignette replacement

You've probably heard of drivers who have smashed their windshield and had to apply for a new paper vignette. This is the past. From the moment you introduce the electronic vignette, you don't have to worry about replacing it.

The validity of the annual electronic vignette is one year from the chosen date

When you did not have to buy a paper annual vignette in January, but you bought it in June, for example, its purchase was not so beneficial for you. You paid the price of the annual vignette, but you could only use the toll motorway for eight months with it. The electronic annual vignette has the option of deferring the beginning of its validity period, so it will always be valid for the entire year. In addition, you can purchase it up to three months in advance.

We will notify you about the upcoming end of validity of the electronic vignette

Why should you keep remembering when the electronic vignette expires? If you provide your contact details when purchasing an electronic vignette, the system will notify you about the upcoming expiry date.

Quick check with cameras

Toll roads are checked by the Police of the Czech Republic and the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic - using cameras located in vehicles (moving or stationary) or at the control gates. The cameras will record the registration numbers of passing vehicles, which will significantly improve the work related to supervision. In the database, the device will immediately verify the validity of the electronic vignette or determine whether the vehicle is exempt.